Remich hiking

Walking and Hiking Trails in Remich

Are you looking for some sport? Perhaps some culture? Maybe a glass of wine and a view of the vineyards? Well look no further because the extensive hiking trails surrounding Remich have this and much more to offer!

Today we’re sharing the extremely useful pocket guide to Remich’s walking and hiking trails. Discover a wide range of routes from historic walks around the town, particularly exciting for those interested in historical buildings and Remich’s past to Nordic walking trails for different levels of experience.

All the routes start at the Remich tourist office and offer distantly unique ways to discover our historic town and its surroundings.

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Wine Taste Enjoy

Whitsun Weekend – “Wine Taste Enjoy” Open Days & Sheep Shearing

Situated in a picturesque panorama of vineyards and green spaces, Remich is the Pearl of the Moselle!

Over Whitsun weekend (20th & 21st May), the Moselle’s vineyards and distilleries host the popular “Wine Taste Enjoy” open days.

The “Wine Taste Enjoy” open days offer guided visits, music, art exhibitions, literature readings and culinary specialties as well as ample tastings from the vineyards as you would expect.

This is the perfect event to spend a great day visiting the Moselle and to get to know the region. Free shuttle busses are available to carry revellers between producers and back to Remich.

For added excitement, on 20th May between 9am and 4pm, Place Dr F. Kons in Remich hosts a small market and an international sheep shearing competition!

Remich offers a wide range of activities for all ages this weekend and while you’re here, discover Restaurant Lohengrin’s spring menu at Hotel Saint-Nicolas & Spa!

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Remich market

When is Remich Market?

Along the Moselle River runs a 3km long promenade of birch and cherry trees which has more to offer than just going for a walk!

Every third Monday of the month, Réimecher Moart takes place on the Esplanade from 15h00 to 19h00.

Remich Market is appealing to both residents and tourists looking for locally grown products or a chance to soak up the scenic views and vibrant atmosphere.





Celebrate Cavalcade in Remich

Halleffaaschten Celebrations Close the Carnival Season in Remich

Unlike neighbouring countries, carnival-related events in Luxembourg continue until the 4th Sunday of Lent (Halleffaaschten), also known as Bretzelsonndeg (Pretzel Sunday).

In 2018, Pretzel Sunday is on March 11th and is marked by the Remich Cavalcade.

Remich Cavalcade 2018
Celebrate throughout the Halleffaaschten weekend with national and international carnival stars:

Friday 09.03 | From 7 p.m.: Halleffaaschten Opening
Saturday 10.03 | From 8 p.m.: Malle Afaaf with DJ Al & HONK! (Hallo Helmut)
Sunday 11.03 | From 11 a.m.: Apero & lunch, After Cavalcade Party
Remich halleffaaschten 2018
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Remich fuesend 2018

Remich Fuesend – Karneval 2018

Like our neighbours, in Remich we love to celebrate Carnival! This year the Remich Carnival, (Fuesend in Luxembourgish), takes place from Candlemas Day on 2 February (‘Liichtmëssdag’) until Ash Wednesday on 14th February (‘Aschermëttwoch’) and even beyond.

Associations in the historic town of Remich organise a packed agenda of events including masked balls, parades and cavalcades for both children and adults. In addition to street parades throughout the festival, Remich is especially vibrant on ‘Fuessonnden’ (Carnival Sunday) and ‘Fuesméinden’ (Carnival Monday).

Two notable events in Remich during the “Fuesent” are the following:

Stréimännchen – Wednesday, 14.02.2018 – 19:30

Stréimännchen means “straw man”. A figure made of straw is carried through the streets of Remich to the Moselle river accompanied by a dancing procession. When the procession arrives at the Moselle bridge that crosses the Moselle River between Luxembourg and Germany, the straw man is set on fire. The Stréimännchen symbolises the burning away of winter and the celebration closes with the Stréimännchen being thrown into the water.

Buergbrennen – Sunday, 17.02.2018 – 19:00

The other special event of the Remich Fuesend celebrations is the Buergbrennen bonfire that takes place annually on the Sunday after carnival.

Don’t forget to sample some typical Luxembourgish carnival goodies while you’re here. We recommend trying a few of these carnival specialities:

  • Verwurrelt Gedanken (scrambled thoughts) — knots of pastry sprinkled with icing sugar
  • Nonnefäscht (nuns’ farts) — doughnuts sprinkled with icing sugar
  • Täertelcher — doughnuts
  • Maisercher — mouse-shaped donuts
  • Stretzegebäck — small cakes made of pastry that is scalded before being baked.

Unlike neighbouring countries, carnival-related events in Luxembourg continue until the 4th Sunday of Lent (Halleffaaschten), also known as Bretzelsonndeg (Pretzel Sunday). In 2018, Pretzel Sunday is on March 11th and is marked by the Remich Cavalcade.

Remich Christmas Market

Remich Christmas Market – Réimecher Chrëschtmoart

The Remich Christmas market, known locally as Réimecher Chrëschtmoart is a long standing tradition and takes place annually in the heart of Remich at Place Dr F. Kons, alongside a stunning view of the esplanade and river Mosel.

The market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 8pm in the 4 weekends of advent leading up to Christmas.

Apart from beautiful wooden Christmas market stands, the Remich Christmas market features an ice rink and live music to get you into the Christmas spirit!

Browse the Remich Christmas market chalets then enjoy the winter menu at restaurant Lohengrin.

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Saint-Nicolas Restaurant Menu

Cheese & Dessert Menu

Assiette Fromages affines Robert Bedot € 10
Käseteller | Assorted cheese


Coupe Saint-Nicolas € 12
Warme Sauerkirschen m. Vanilleeis | Warm morello cherries w. bourbon ice

Crêpes chaudes, orange confite façon – Suzette € 12
Pfannkuchen in Orange-Karamel-Likörsauce | Crêpes Suzette

Panna cotta chocolat blanc, vanille et crousti tube citron € 10
Weisse-Schokoladecreme | White chocolate cream

Baba au rhum, minestrone d’ananas et son sorbet € 10
Baba mit Rhum | Sponge cake soaked in rum

Financier chocolat ganaché aux épices crème réduite € 10
Schokolade Kuchen | Chocolate cake

Nougat glacé maison, coulis fruits rouges € 10
Hausmacher Halbgefrorenes | Homemade Parfait w. Fruits


Café gourmand € 12


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